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Fatma Lootah has delicately expressed her deepest thoughts , views and emotions producing innovative projects, unique in spirit , vibrant in color and striking in impact.

Mix mischief and exuberance, add a zest of frankness, sprinkle with talent, shake, pour here is Fatma Lootah, artist from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Leaving her country in 1979 “to see something else”, she goes and studies Art in Washington and is trained for three years to drawing, portrait and above all, painting, her favourite way of expression. Fatma Lootah needs to discover the mass, which is what makes the richness of her art.
After her American stay, she flies to Italy where the city of Verona welcomes her with open arms : “Verona is extraordinary, its artistic potential is phenomenal”. That is so true that she still lives and paints there. Her workshop is her secret hideout.



10903243_727759924007680_746065139_n  ART IN MOVEMENT
Femininity, Movement and art, three complicated headlines that interweave together to give us the  unique work of Fatma Lootah.





1741410_841202979274740_2071545704_nDESERT AND THE PEOPLE OF THE REDDISH DUNE

Fatma Lootah inspired by her native land and its people.





Peace, an old dream of the Middle East has become an international haunting concern. In this project of peace, Fatma tackled this issue, capturing a moment of absolute resolution, when the worshiper turns to the worshiped in a pure, surrendering moment, praying for deliverance, a moment that, in fact, unites all religions.



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